I Joined a Gym So My Kitchen Is Spotless


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Not really, but I did have a gym membership until this spring. That’s another dumb story. No the title comes from a joke I saw on Whisper. The idea is that no one really wants to go to the gym (the industry is built on it), so we looked for reasons not to.


I could have titled this, I Started a Blog, So Now My Kitchen is Spotless.

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So You Wanna Be in The Movies Kid?

I wrote this last year for another website and it never went anywhere, so enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.24.36 AM

It’s a smoke-filled dive bar in downtown Jackson Georgia. My long brown hair is perfectly feathered. I am shooting pool. I have a draft, my partner has PBR in a can. The Pacers are on the small black and white TV hanging over the bar. Sitting behind me is David Harbour. He is about to pick a fight.

Of course, I am on set. I am an extra. I don’t do this for a living, I just kind of started after I retired from the military. Something to do in between writing gigs and supercar instruction.

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On Tradition, Philosophy and Loaner VFRs.

It’s strange the habits we pick up. 10 years ago an old riding buddy told me he always rode on January 1st, regardless of the weather. He swore this set the tone for the coming year and ensured he rode as much as possible. I still believe him, as he put 60,000 miles on a new FJ1300 in one year when he had a choice of 2 other bikes as well.

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Well that sucked…

Or did it?

I don’t wanna add to the “OMG 2016 sucked” chorus,  one of my resolutions is to count my blessings. The reason being 2016 was a challenge for me on several fronts, because I needed to pay a penance for my 2015. But if I look at the entirety of the last 12 months, it was actually pretty good, the duality of this I will attempt to explain; like this motorcycle accident picture above, which is actually my bike right after I was hit Friday.
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My Love and Hate Relationship with Carolina Motorsports Park

This weekend I am gearing up for a return to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, it’s a familiar team with a few new additions that I have raced with in other events and a new car. It should be exciting and the team principle feels like a podium is possible, I agree.

Last month was Sebring, a week before that an arrive and drive with a team at Carolina Motorsports Park for the LeMons South Fall Race. If you live anywhere near Camden SC, you should make the trek to the LeMons event there. Of the east coast races, that is one of the best. The town closes its main street for the teams to parade their cars through downtown. The whole atmosphere is a great celebration. There are often cookouts on the sidewalk, the businesses downtown stay open late, the Police Department sells slow cooked pork and the Fire Department is out. At the end of main street is a stage and concert.  The track staff is incredibly friendly, even by the highest southern standards. The racing is usually interesting, but if it isn’t, there is a really good go kart track at the facility. Continue reading My Love and Hate Relationship with Carolina Motorsports Park

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